Don Muro

Don Muro: Composer, Rocker, Synth Pioneer.

Don has been recording and writing music since the 60s, traveling easily between the worlds of Rock, Classical and Synthesizer Pop.

His solo music has recently seen a revival, with a series of reissues from Flannelgraph Records introducing the Classic Psychedelic Synth Pop of Muro back to the world.

Magic Drop Music represents Don Muro's remarkably Film and TV ready music. We have his catalog one stop.

It's Time ///  We All Need Each Other /// Souffrances Et Extases Du Jeune Amour

Throughout his remarkable five decade long career in music, Don has accomplished many amazing things: he soundtracked industrial documentaries and licensed a song to Raymond Chandler while in high school. Performing his works at venues ranging from St. Pauls cathedral to Disneyland. Writing demos for the Korg M1, the worlds best selling synthesizer. Commissioning the first ever Midi Compatible 32 key organ style pedalboard.

Don has been a passionate advocate for music technology as an educational tool, authoring many instructional books, artciles and videos on the subject, and working as an educator at institutions like Columbia, and teaching innumerable workshops and masterclasses on the subject of Music Technology.