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Erin Tobey

Erin Tobey makes music that could be sad, but maybe it’s more nostalgic. Sounds moody and shy but unapologetic. She rocks in a wistful way.


"With age comes all of the stuff that also tells us we're wiser and perhaps a bit wistful about another time. "I'm Young" deals with life after youth, which could be any age, but for Tobey — who lived the punk life in her 20s — her 30s feel and sound different. As a bass languidly rattles and a guitar lounges around, the whole thing swings like a cosmic country song. Tobey's voice has developed considerably from youthful urgency to something measured and assured, reminiscent of Juliana Hatfield or Bill Callahan. She sings of that other time with such tenderness and understanding that, even in its quiet, it feels as if the song could burst."

Lars Gottrich, NPR