Don Muro

Don Muro's genre-spanning catalog stretches back to the late '60s. It's a treasure trove of undiscovered rock nuggets, synth instrumentals and more. Don is a gem of American rock n' roll who flew just under the radar.  ★Dropbox★


Falcone is warm and cold, retro and futuristic at the same time. Sole member Aaron Alexis Biscombe is a songwriter, filmmaker and artist whose work has screened at the Berlinale Film Fest. ★Dropbox★

Shy Layers

Shy Layers is JD Walsh, a multi-media artist with a deeply intuitive understanding of pop’s mechanics. As understated as a lot of his tunes are, he’s got a keen melodic sensibility that keeps even his simplest chord changes bubbling in your head long after the glossy digital reverb has faded out. ★Dropbox★

Dave Harvey

Dave Harvey is Olympia, Washington's classic rock wizard. Dave plays in Nudity, previously with Tight Bros From Way Back When, Behead The Prophet NLSL, Thrones, and more. Dave has entrusted Magic Drop with an unreleased batch of his heaviest instrumentals. ★Dropbox★


Eaters is an ongoing collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Bob Jones, sound engineer Jonathan Schenke (The Drums, Parquet Courts), and sculptor Christopher Duffy. Eater's brand of art-rock marries rich pulsing electronics, driving beats, and guitar pyrotechnics. ★Dropbox★

Gun Outfit.jpg

Gun Outfit

Gun Outfit are a contemporary rock band of rare grace. Their sound has been remarkably cinematic across their four full-length records since 2009, ready to play on 16mm film. Magic Drop handles sync for Gun Outfit's first three albums "Dim Light," "Hard Coming Down" and "Possession Sound." ★Dropbox★

Magic Drop is always one-stop! We represent sync and master for all of our artists:

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