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Magic Drop represents an eclectic range of music, from the pristine, electronic gloss of Yuuki Mathews (The Shins) to the understated pop brilliance of Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore and LAKE. Our catalog includes Don Muro, whose dazzling whirlwind of synthesizer rock stretches back to 1968. We also work with up-and-coming film composers like Kim Henninger, Shawn Parke, Annabelle Cannon and Calvin Markus. 

Our air-tight rights-clearance contracts are both artist and client friendly. Magic Drop's catalog is cleared for licensing of both master and composition copyrights, which means licensing from us is one-stop, with no need to contact labels or publishers.

Magic Drop's artists have been licensed by: Adventure Time (LAKE, Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore), Roadies (Gun Outfit), Gossip Girl (Nic Zwart), Degrassi (LAKE), TGIFridays (Dave Harvey), KEEN (Cathedral Sounds), TevaLouis Vuitton (Warren Lee) and many more.