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Don Muro

is a composer and master synthesist who has been making music since the 1960s. His albums span many genres, including everything from pop and rock to more abstract, evocative instrumental pieces.

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Ashley Eriksson

is responsible for the theme song of Cartoon Network's incredibly popular show Adventure Time, plus nearly a dozen songbooks of bittersweet pop.



is warm and cold, retro and futuristic at the same time. With a wide palette of vocal styles, Falcone blends their influences into an emotional pastiche of R & B, New Wave and dark, cinematic pop.


Warren Lee

makes upbeat and vintage instrumental music that sounds like running through a technicolor forest or piloting a cardboard submarine.  

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Erin Tobey

Erin Tobey’s most recent album, Middlemaze, starts with energetic numbers that stomp with shimmering guitars and pop-punk propulsion. This soon gives way to Tobey’s quintessential starry folk, depicting married love and apocalyptic dread with equal tenderness.



Aaron Mendelsohn and Ariel Loh's ambient, cinematic soundscapes have quickly turned heads. Accurately described by Discobelle as "chillwave-inspired bliss", Drinker have caught the attention of KCRW and Spotify, who included Drinker on several of its curated playlists.

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Amy O

Amy O makes tightly coiled indie-pop music indebted to Sleater-Kinney and the Roches, Helium and Laura Nyro, defined by unruly guitars, excitable vocals, rambunctious performances, and supremely hyperactive hooks.



are a seasoned ensemble known for an extensive catalog of folk-pop albums, as well as their contributions to Cartoon Network's Adventure Time - "Island Song", "No Wonder I" and "I Look Up To You".

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Evan Hashi

is a dreamer in the modern world, channeling dub, funk and art rock  through his analog studio in Oakland, CA.

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Calvin Markus

Calvin Markus is a composer, songwriter and performer whose recent credits include original music for Nike, VICE, Huawei And Mercedes-Benz.

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Will Stratton

is a virtuosic guitarist and an accomplished singer-songwriter, whose songs are intricate, deep and timeless.


Yuuki Matthews

A member of The Shins, Sufjan Stevens and Teardrops, Yuuki Matthews is a freelance musician whose ambient solo work explores dense layers of sonic palettes.


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Amy O

Ashley Eriksson

Baby Island

Brenda's Friend

Calvin Markus



Dallas Campbell

Dash Hammerstein

Dave Harvey

Desolation Wilderness

Don Muro



Electric Sunset

Eli Moore

Emily Jane Powers

Erin Tobey

Evan Hashi

Ever Ending Kicks



Frank Schweikhardt

The Gift Machine

Gun Outfit

Halcyon Tone



Josh Ottum

Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke


Liquid Pegasus

Mike Adams at His Honest Weight

Nic Zwart

Secret Drum Band


She Does Is Magic


Stephen Steinbrink

Superstar Cruiser


Violet Trouper


Warren Lee

Will Stratton

Yuuki Matthews

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