Hear us in Sideswiped!


We are so excited to announce that we placed music from four Magic Drop artists in the recently released Youtube Original TV series, “Sideswiped”-- a lighthearted romantic comedy about the millennial dating rollercoaster that is Tinder. Sideswiped was created by film actor Carly Craig (American Housewife, Hall Pass, Role Models) and Daniel Reisinger.

Chelsea Frei, Carly Craig and Rosanna Arquette in Sideswiped

Magic Drop artists Halycon Tone, Eli Moore, Calvin Markus and Electric Sunset will all make a musical appearance during the first season of “Sideswiped”--  be sure to check out the first two episodes which can be streamed for free on Youtube Premium.

The show’s first season, which premiered on July 25, consists of eight short and sweet episodes that center around three female protagonists: 35-year-old Olivia (Carly Craig) is an insurance agent who recently broke up with her boyfriend and is abruptly introduced to the dating app Tinder by the joint efforts of her newly single mother Mary (Rosanna Arquette) and younger married sister Jayne (Chelsea Frei) who is experiencing a “seven-year itch.” What begins with a spontaneous app download turns into 252 ridiculously bizarre Tinder matches for Olivia, all of which ultimately reflect the very real difficulties of navigating romance in the digital era.

Jason Sudeikis in Sideswiped

Jason Sudeikis in Sideswiped

Since its premiere date, the show has gained a heap of traction. Paste Magazine's Alexis Gunderson writes that "Sideswiped is absolutely worth your time," IndieWire's Hanh Nguyen highlighted the romantic comedy for its heartfeltness and keenness to modern technology, and the International Business Times said that the show “is about a lot more than Tinder Hookups” lauding the deep multi-generational conversations sparked in the playful TV series.

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